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Whiskey: Distilling in the Blue Ridge Mountains

WhiskyWhiskey: Distilling in the Blue Ridge Mountains

We recently picked up a bottle of Defiant American single malt whisky. Produced by Blue Ridge Distilling, this whiskey comes from a truly beautiful place in North Carolina. This area holds special meaning to my family, as we used to vacation near there for many years…even naming our youngest daughter Carolina.

Let’s get to the whiskey...we like how these guys keep it simple…similar to our approach with our products. Only four ingredients are used in these bottles: American white oak, yeast, premium barley, and pure water from the mountains. There moto is “Start with quality, end with quality”. Awards speak highly, and these bottles won a silver medal for the 2015 Craft Spirits Competition and bronze at the San Fran World Spirits Competition.

Salvage divers by trade, these guys decided to branch off and begin creating great tasting whisky. While we don’t know why this venture occurred, we do know that they make a great slow-sippin' whisky. Though some like to add some ice or a bit of water, we prefer ours neat…pair with an old rocking chair in plain view of the mountains. At least that’s how we’ve been drinking it... here in Montana!

Overall, a great product with outstanding customer service produced by the Defiant label. Visit for a further look about this up and coming distillery.


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