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Leather Goods: A timeless art

As many of you can probably tell from our website offerings and various posts on social media, we are HUGE fans of the timeless art of leather craftsmanship. First off, we are constantly on the lookout for quality leatherwork in the form of knife sheaths, office swag, wallets and various other gentleman's accessories. We'd like to bring your attention to three amazing artisans that are right here in the good 'ole US of A...

This guy knows how to turn a piece of horween leather into a timeless work of the shape of the coolest desk pad i've ever had my hands on. This piece perfectly compliments my rustic contemporary closet-style office: featuring a 100 year old piece of reclaimed douglas fir as the desktop. Check out @wildemoonleather on instagram for handcrafted wallets, watch bands, belts and all sorts of leather goods.


If you've spotted any of the leather goods we offer on our website, these are crafted by our buddy Joe at Scout Leather Co. He has been kind enough to create valet trays, bourbon coasters, and mason jar sleeves...all stamped with our custom MT Supply Co. branding. His attention to detail is immediately noticeable upon first glance of any of his creations. If you are looking for notebook covers, knife sheaths, or even a cool pocket gadget, you have to check out @fiends on instagram. He currently has a kickstarter campaign going for an EDC pocket tool/razor knife. Definitely worth a look.

I received my Port wallet from Chad at the beginning of the year and it has literally been in my back pocket every day since. It has become my favorite wallet...and that is an accomplishment because I've owned many useful and well made wallets since I earned my first pay check. The design (a single piece of leather), the stitching, the cut, the patina that develops over time, are what makes this piece of EDC a must-have for anyone who's reading this blog. Chad knocked it out of the park on this one and my overall experience exceeded my expectations. Check out @craftnlore on instagram and tell 'em MT Supply Co. sent ya.

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