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Kestrel Knives: A Hunter's Best Friend










When living near mountains out west, whether you are hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, or boating, a good knife is worth it's weight in gold. I have personally tested a multitude of knives, and so far, my favorite has to be those crafted by Kestrel Knives. These great gems are made in California and are super lightweight, extremely tough and hold an edge quite well. I was able to skin and quarter two elk with my Ti Backpacker without having to re-sharpen. I most recently acquired a Skinner and have been extremely pleased with its durability as well. The customer service from the company is fantastic, offering to re-sharpen their knives. Compared to other knife makers, the price is also extremely competitive for the lasting durability and quality craftsmanship. If you've been considering purchasing a knife, or have been on the fence, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase one of these beauties today.

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